Commercial Window Cleaning

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When you are looking for a commercial window cleaning company you want to ensure that the company has a steady reputation for excellent quality of work and finished product.  After all, when it comes to windows, they are not only a reflection of the business but also of the company who got them that way.

Commercial window cleaning companies will do much more than just clean your business building windows.  They will clean the interior as well as the exterior of the windows (if requested), shine up the mirrors in your business, clean any ceiling fans, skylight cleaning, and get the chandelier sparkling again.  Most commercial window cleaning businesses also have scheduling year-round, emergency cleanings, window cleaning times that are customized in case of certain events during the year all while offering their customer’s a variety of billing options.

Some roofs on buildings do not have enough roof anchors or “tie off points”, therefore, the commercial window cleaning company has to use mobile roof anchors.  Exterior window cleaning can be done with the use of a “Bosun’s Chair” In these cases.  A Bosun’s chair is an apparatus that keeps the window washer suspended in the air in order for them to clean high rise windows.  The Bosun’s chair is usually just a plank of board or a piece of heavy material such as canvas, that is connected to ropes or chains—not unlike the same type of harnesses used when rock or mountain climbing.

Another way commercial window washers clean a high-rise building is with the use of scaffolding.  Scaffolding, is a device that is constructed temporarily to assist construction workers or window washers in doing their job in areas that are too high for a standard ladder.  Scaffolding can be dangerous to use if it has not been constructed with the proper safety measures in place.

Around the world there are five primary kinds of scaffolding they are:  tube and coupler, prefabricated, H-frame, timber and bamboo scaffolds.   Scaffolding has the following components in which they are made up of:

  • The base jack/plate which is a weight-bearing base of the scaffold
  • Connectors in which are in the typical upright sections
  • A level support
  • The level, weight-bearing, section which supports the batten, board, and deck unit
  • A diagonal support for cross-sectioning support
  • The work stage area is called the batten or board decking section
  • Coupler—joins the sections together
  • Scaffold tie- ties the unit together
  • Brackets- can make the working area larger

Window washing, particular commercial window washing can be a very dangerous occupation if correct safety measures are not in place.  There are several reported injuries and even deaths that occur each year because of faulty or careless actions taken while washing the windows of a high rise building.

If at all possible, you should avoid trying to wash the windows of a building over one floor in height; it is well worth the money spent to hire a professional commercial window cleaning company to do the job and prevent the injury or death of yourself, a friend, or loved one.