Commit Your Most Cherished Photos to Canvas


Adding canvas prints to spaces is becoming an increasingly common interior design choice. More and more people over the world are choosing to commit their own personal photographs to canvases instead of placing them behind glass. There are many good reasons for choosing this option. Advancements in printing technology now mean the results of canvas printing are sharper and more impressive than ever. Canvas printing also enables you to reshape the character of your space for the better without spending a great deal of money. You are only limited by your imagination and creativity when it comes to themes for canvas prints, with many people opting for shots of landscapes, family members and abstract paintings.

art for canvas prints

Make the most of your pictures

You can create canvas art from pretty much any picture in your collection. For the best results, ensure your images are in high definition so they still look great when they are blown up. Some people choose to add old photos of relatives and other vintage snapshots when selecting art for canvas prints. If you do wish to do this but your photos have blemishes and other desirable details, there are many image retouching companies that can rid the photos of any unwanted features and ‘clean them up’ before you add them to canvas.

Family photos

Canvas wall art has also become popular among parents and grandparents wishing to showcase photos of child relatives. Some people even opt to have new photos taken professionally before sending them to a canvas. Canvas prints can add a museum or art gallery-style feel to your space. Another benefit to hanging canvas prints to your wall rather than conventional photographs is that you won’t be met with unwanted glare from interior lights and daylight from outside when you do so.

art for canvas prints

Other ideas for prints

Celebrities, film posters and classic artworks are also popular canvas wall art choices. It’s also possible to by ready-made canvas wall art featuring stock photos and other atmospheric images, word art and drawings created by professionals. You may well wish to add several pieces of wall art to your space. If you do wish to go down this route, it’s a good idea to make sure the pieces compliment each other artistically to avoid creating an incoherent effect. You can even divide large images into several canvases. Be sure that to choose the right size canvases for your space and don’t try to overcrowd the wall.

Blending into your wall

Canvas prints are also popular because they don’t normally contain visible frames, which mean you don’t need to go shopping around a suitable frame to match your existing decor. The prints also tend to blend seamlessly into walls. If you don’t have existing photos to add to a canvas but are seeking something truly unique, you could enlist the services of a professional photographer. A professional can provide you with in-depth advice on capturing the perfect image for your needs and help you get the angles and lighting just right. If you wish to add photos of children to your wall, a professional photographer will be able to deal with enthusiastic kids effectively to help you get the perfect shot. You may also wish to obtain assistance from a stylist or designer to help you achieve the best results possible.

Working with an editor

The editing process is also incredibly important when you are sourcing photographs that will look great on your wall. There are many handy image manipulation programs online that enhance your image and make them look like a real work of art, but you may well wish to work with a professional photo editor who can make the most of the available resources so they are truly deserving of a place on your wall.

The enduring popularity of canvas printing

There is no sign of the popularity of canvas printing for the home slowing down. Canvas printing has captured the imagination of people around the world, with modern ink-jet printers enabling us to create our own hugely-artistic, bold and colorful artworks on a budget. You may be pleasantly surprised to see just how much you can achieve with canvas printing even on a limited budget.