How To Choose The Right Neighborhood


When it comes to shopping for a house and FHA Loans Midland Texas, it’s wise to choose the neighborhood that you find comfort in and one that you see yourself living in for many years. This is probably more important than choosing the right home. Know what you are looking for and where you can get the information that you need can help tremendously in your decision making.

Here are eight things you should consider when choosing the right neighborhood.


What are the crime rates in the neighborhood of your choice? Check to see if it is declining or rising. You can find this info and a lot more when you visit the local police department and ask. You can also check the to see the statistics of local crime rates.


What are you interested in? Is it in an urban, rural or suburban neighborhood? Urban neighborhoods have neighbors close by and often in dense housing. However, it offers more of a “center of the action” experience. If you don’t mind having your neighbors close by, but you don’t want them too close, perhaps you should choose a suburban neighborhood. Lastly, if you don’t want any neighbors in sight or have acreage around your house, a rural setting might be best for you.


There are areas where commute patterns rule the universe. If the neighborhood you chose is 5 miles from your office, but in the wrong direction, you could be in for a miserable commute. If you want to know and estimate your commute times, go to and enter the starting and work addresses. Then use the Depart At dropdown to select the time of the day you are expected to drive. This will provide you with a typical driving time at certain times throughout the day.


Does your neighborhood have any restaurants, stores or any other conveniences close by that will provide you with the satisfaction you need? Check out the stores that you frequently visit and compare their locations to your chosen neighborhood. Check also if there are supermarkets or hospitals nearby.

Future Development

When choosing a neighborhood, it’s best to know the plans for it. Will there be any significant redevelopment project in the upcoming years or months? Is it going to cause general congestion, traffic or affect property values? Find up from the local Chamber of Commerce.


Are there jobs in the area you are considering? Are there any large companies planning on entering or leaving the area? Even if you have a job right now, it’s important to know what is available in case you decide to resign from your current position. The Chamber of Commerce may help you with this.


Is the area you are interested in having a hot or cool housing market? What are the property tax rates? Are they fluctuating or fixed? What’s the cost of living in this neighborhood?


If you have children or plan on having one, a school within the neighborhood is quite essential. A lot of school districts do not allow transfers, so it is critical that you know the neighborhood school ratings.